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Travelcasting Offers On-Demand Vacation Sneak Peeks

by Ryan M. Hoback

What I Want Podcasting Introduces Travel Podcasting Services to the Tourism Industry

What I want Podcasting develops customized approaches towards turning company messages into professional podcast productions. Travelcasting is the commercial application of podcasting for the travel industry. Travelcasting is the distribution and publishing of audio and video feeds, that offer travel information delivered over the Internet, for on demand listening.

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This is a new step in the evolution of on-demand travel information delivery, making it accessible, informative, useful and appealing. This mix presents the travel industry with a very unique opportunity to reach its audience through this new medium.

The best sales associates for most resorts are travel agents and agencies. Travel agents and agencies rely on each resort to constantly update them with new deals and promotions, as well as supply them with the tools they need to promote the resorts, in order to keep clients satisfied. With podcasting and its subscription based technology, you can put out audio or video updates of information that you would like the travel agencies to use, and they will receive them as soon as it is posted on your server.

"Every destination has a use for travelcasting; it allows resorts and hotels to give a sneak peek into the wonderful luxuries and amenities it has to offer its guests." Ryan Hoback says, Chairman of What I Want Podcasting.

"It also serves as a great on-site tour guide for large resorts and casinos. You could give audio and video self-guided tours of your entire property with this service." Hoback adds.

Most resorts have web pages which deliver travel information in text format. By providing an audio or video link on that page it enhances the experience, and leads to overall better online marketing. These audio and video feeds be placed on web pages where "one-click" lets you listen or view a travelcast, or it can be sent to portable devices as well.

The popularity of portable on demand information will grow even greater as wireless internet services continue to flourish across the country. These portable devices will no longer have to be connected to the internet; they will receive information wirelessly as it is updated. In addition, as cell phones and portable devices continue to merge together, the market grows larger. There are numerous uses for travelcasting, and over the next few years it will explode in popularity. It is beneficial to organizations as well as the consumer, and it will be seen as a great tool in any travel organizations' operations.

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