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What's the best way to download online?

The Internet is full of files you can download. But there's plenty of things to aware of. Viruses, spyware, worms, adware.. we might not know exactly what they are, but we know they can harm our computers, and they *might* lie hidden in files we download.

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Many times, you get your free download, but the people giving it to you want something in return. Gator, which came out back in 1998 is a good example. While first being a tool to store your online passwords, it turned into a tool that would give you targeted advertisement. Not the most harmful example, but a good example on not getting everything for free.

The best way to deal with these dangers, is to install some good virus infection software, there's plenty out there like Norton, McAfee, Grisoft etc.

Software to help you download faster

The second way to make downloading better, is to use software that can help you in downloading.

This kind of software let's you download several files at the same time. This is helpful in many occasions, you might want to initiate a list of downloads and leave the computer for a while. Check out FlashGet and GetRight if you need software like this.

Another great utility they have is that you can continue the download, even if the first download got interrupted. And it let's you continue to download where you left off! For some this is a godsend, imagine having downloaded 98%of a file, and then you internet connection temporarily disconnects...

Another way of downloading faster is to use an accelerator. Some of the larger ISP's are providing this, but you can also get it yourself if you want to increase internet speed. Check our Speedbit for an example of an accelerator.

The last option to download faster is to actually sign up for a service that increases your transfer speed all together. If you're on dial up connection now, getting a broadband connection is going to be a huge difference. Getting broadband alone will make up for any of the tools mentioned above, and is going to make a big difference in your surfing and download habits.

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