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iTunes 6 - All your music needs in one application

Since the introduction of the iPod, iTunes have grown to be one of the most interesting application for music lovers.

With version 6, it's adding Music Videos, TV Shows and customer reviews, among many other great features. Apple is about to create the complete music center for it's users.

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What's New?

  • Music Videos
    Close to 4,000 music videos are now available, each for under $2. Looking for a certain heavy metal video from the 80's? Chances are iTunes has it.
  • Integrates with AirTunes
    Stream music to 3 music systems or speakers in your house, removing the redundancy of having your music stored in several places.
  • Create your own iTunes Videos
    You can now convert your home videos into iTunes format. Take all your favorite home videos on the road, your iPod can now be the perfect way of showing your friends and family your summer memories.
  • TV Seasons
    Buy the whole season of your favorite TV Show at a discount. Going to bed before Jon Stewart is on? See the show while commuting to work!
  • Nike+iPod
    Get the overview of your Nike+iPod workout sessions right into iTunes. Great for people that like to be fit. If you haven't heard about Nike, never mind.
  • Customer Reviews
    All items in the Music Store; songs, videos, TV Shows can now be reviewed by you, and you can read other users reviews.

iTunes still has all the other features from your old version. Burn any of your CDs right into the iTunes Library, browse 40.000 podcasts, millions of songs in the Music Store. iTunes is definitely on it's way to become the one stop music center.

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