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The Apple iPod with video playback

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The new generation of iPods takes the device to the next level, video, along with more battery life and less space. Not long after the Nano was released, they've now released one that supports video. First it was songs, then it was pictures, then podcasts and now this.

The new mp3 player boosts some nice upgrades. It comes in two versions, 30GB and 60GB.

Less is More

The new iPod has 20 hours of battery life. That's an increase of several hours. Not only has the battery life increased, but the display is larger as well. Nice when you want to watch those music videos. The amazing thing is; after adding these new features into the iPod, they made it smaller!

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Smaller Size

The 30GB version is under half an inch, thus making it 45% less in volume than its ancestor. Even the 60GB version is 10% smaller than the earlier version.

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Nothing has changed much in the basic click wheel. It still works superbly, and now you'll have access to your videos to from the menu. Rating, slideshows, pause and play, it's all there.

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