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So what is the iPad exactly?

Apple introduced the iPad as their first tablet early in 2010. It's design and funcionality puts it between a laptop and a smartphone. The operating system is made from the same that was used for the iPod or iPhone.

NEW! Free iPad Offers

Do you REALLY want that new iPad, but not looking to pay full retail price? With the release of the iPad tablet from Apple, I knew it was a matter of time before the free offers would be coming.

These new offers are brand new, so get in while they're still here.

You can only get one product per offer. If you need more than one, you'll have to look at mutiple offers.

iPad 2!

U.S only

Once you've entered your email, you'll get all the system requirements for participating.

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Online Rewards Center

U.S only

Offer from a regular on the free offers scene. Submit your email and receive info about the system requirements.

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U.S only

Might be the best offer, we will soon find out. They even throw in an iTunes gift card to sweeten the deal.

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Free iPod offers still running

Free Ipods

Back when I got my first free iPods, it all seemed pretty easy. All you had to do was sign up for an offer, one that was easy to cancel, and then get five others to do the same. For the second iPod, I had to use my mother-in-law's address (only one per household).

There's still plenty of ways to get your free iPod. With all the different offers these days, you can actually get a nice iPod collection going.

Free iPod offer reviews

Online Reward Center

U.S only

Another offer that is done through signing up for their offers. 2 pages of offers to choose from. System seems really robust and iPod was sent promptly.

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Popular iPod applications

TuneLyrics 1.0.3

A lyrics-fetching and high-quality album artwork finder freeware and is a perfect companion with iTunes.

DPS Plug-In for iTunes 1.1

A sound enhancement plugin for iTunes. Optimize your audio for MacBook speakers and other audio devices.

TrailRunner 3.2v563

Sport activity tracking, route planning and mapping for people who enjoy running, biking, hiking and GPS recording.

Billboard 1.1.3

iTunes song display with fullscreen, window, and kiosk modes, plus special internet radio support. Perfect for parties or lounging around.

MyTunesController 1.1

Lightweight application for controlling iTunes.

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